SUBANG JAYA, 29 February 2024 - smart Malaysia is thrilled to celebrate its first 100 days in the market today, a rare leap year occurrence. As the company marks this significant milestone, it reaffirms its commitment to providing exceptional products and services to its valued customers.

In its first 100 days, smart Malaysia has hosted the smart Tech Insight Day, an event tailored to existing customers to deepen their understanding of their smart #1 and ownership experience. Covering warranty details, product features, convenient charging ecosystem, and real-life owner stories, this event has set the tone for future engagements aimed at fostering the smart community. Additionally, customers have found enhanced convenience through the Hello smart App platform, where they can easily access FAQs to get their questions answered swiftly and efficiently.

Looking ahead, smart Malaysia will introduce more events, such as driving experiences for smart owners and enthusiasts, to allow them to experience the driving dynamics of smart #1. This initiative aims to further enhance engagement and foster a stronger network.

Reflecting on the journey of the past 100 days, Zhang Qiang, Chief Executive Officer at smart Malaysia, remarks, "Our progress has been nothing short of remarkable. We've maintained a laser focus on prioritizing our customers' needs, ensuring every interaction with our brand is both memorable and positive."

With a notable increase in our dealer network from 10 operational dealerships in 2023, and soon to be 13, including the forthcoming establishment of the first-ever center in East Malaysia, smart Malaysia continues to expand its reach. The smart #1 BRABUS remains the preferred choice among our customer base, reflecting its enduring appeal and superior performance. Additionally, smart #1 Premium and Pro owners appreciate the simplicity and efficiency for city driving.

"Innovation and customer-centricity are fundamental to our core values," adds Zhang Qiang. "As we celebrate this milestone, our commitment to pushing the boundaries of excellence and delivering exceptional products and services to our customers remains unwavering."

smart Malaysia is committed to expanding its charging infrastructure and partnerships in response to the increasing demand for EVs nationwide. With 70% of charging station data already integrated into the Hello smart app, EV owners can expect even broader coverage as we collaborate with key stakeholders in the EV ecosystem. This collaboration will facilitate convenient access to charging facilities across the country, further supporting the adoption of electric vehicles. Additionally, the updated app now facilitates debit or credit card payments, allowing owners to pay and charge their vehicles or purchase in-car internet data directly through the app.

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