There's no place like home

It’s no surprise that most charging sessions take place from the comfort of home. After all, it’s the most convenient and affordable way to ensure your smart #1 is ready to get from A to B whenever you’re ready

#smart Charge Home Charging Solution

Thanks to our exceptional #smartCharge equipment, we ensure top-notch quality, affordability, and advanced hardware. #smartCharge puts convenience to charging at your doorstep.

This is #smart Charge

Cost optimisation

With #smart Charge Home Charging Solution you will only pay for the electricity based on the domestic tariff, your travel cost can be reduced by half compared to fossil fuel.

Peace of mind at all times

Take guesswork out of the equation. Charge your smart #1 safe in the knowledge that you’ll have all the range you need – without damaging your home’s electric grid or fuse box

A trustworthy solution

Our installation teams are experts in charging solutions, with a deep knowledge and vast experience you can truly count on

Safe as you like

It’s simple. Just plug and charge or alternatively, a contactless card authentication prevents non-authorised EVs charging from your #smart Charge

Take your pick

#smart Charge home charging equipment are equipped with Type 2 cable and built-in safety features – such as overcurrent, ground fault, surge protection and protective earth continuity monitoring.

#smart Charge can be configured to suit your home supply

1-Phase 7.4kW output with charging time in less than 9 hours (10-80%)

3-Phase 22kW output with charging time in less than 3 hours (10-80%)

Discover Our Broad Charging Network

smart interactive charging map

Worry-free access, wherever you are

With one of the largest public charging network in Malaysia, en-route and destination charging is simple and convenient with smart interactive charging map. So, wherever you’re headed, you can be sure there’s a car charging station close by.

Seamlessly connected to a smart infrastructure

We’ve partnered with Malaysia top charging service providers to ensure smart #1 drivers with the convenient, worry-free access they need to a broad, easy-to-use and reliable network of public charging stations.

Is this smart? The numbers say so.

70% coverage across Malaysia so far

More than 1000 charging points across Malaysia

And the number continues to rise

Reliable network for en-route and destination charging.

The total number of charging points includes more than 400 AC and more than 100 DC fast charging points.

Charging Time: numbers you'll love

Customer-centric integrated charging solutions provide your vehicle with power almost everywhere you go. How long does it take to charge your electric smart #1? Charge your smart #1 from 10 to 80 percent either with DC super charging in under 30 minutes (150kW), or AC charging in under 3 hours (22kW)