Well, Hello smart

Get ready to take your connection with smart #1 to the next level. Say hi to the Hello smart App and dive into the world of your car’s true companion. Experience convenience right at your fingertips.

Stay Connected with Your Urban Companion

The Hello smart App displays detailed, real time vehicle information such as driving range, battery status, location, and tyre pressure – so you can keep tabs on it from anywhere.

A Seamless Remote Digital Journey

Every adventure becomes effortless with the Hello smart App. Customize trips for comfort and convenience, from pre-conditioning features to charging monitoring. Whether planning ahead or adjusting on the go, it guarantees a breeze for every journey.

Fuel Your smart Passion

Celebrate your passion for smart by joining our exclusive community. Connect and engage in vibrant discussions with like-minded enthusiasts, sharing your experiences and exchanging valuable insights. Be part of the thriving smart community now!

Seamless Charging, Anywhere You Roam

Enhance your daily routine with the Hello smart App, your go-to companion for the smart #1. This app effortlessly monitors charging status and offers convenient scheduling, ensuring you’re always ready to hit the road. Gain access to over 70% of public charging stations, plan your charging with precision, save on electricity costs, and relish the freedom to explore.

Effortless Scheduling and Tailored Financing at Your Fingertips

Embrace a hassle-free way to keep your smart on the road, where you can easily schedule test drives and service appointments with just a few taps. Additionally, take advantage of our financial calculator to check and customize your flexible monthly instalment options, ensuring your smart aligns perfectly with your budget and lifestyle.

Hello smart

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All interfaces of the vehicle and the app and all corresponding elements shown in this page are still in process of development. The content of this page is insofar for the sole purpose of showcasing design and style. Actual functions and content are subject to products eventually present on the market.